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Vol. 9 Issue 8

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August 1, 2023

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August 10, 2023

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August 15, 2023

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August 25, 2023

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August 31, 2023

                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 9 Issue 8      Submission Start Date: August 1, 2023      Acceptence Notification Start: August 10, 2023      Submission End: August 15, 2023      Final MenuScript Due: August 25, 2023      Publication Date: August 31, 2023

Volume II Issue X

Author Name
Ankita Bajpai, Prof.Pritesh Jain
Year Of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 2 Issue 10
The fault prediction approach contribution help throughout the software development by given that recourse to the present faults with the Bayesian nosiness.Machine learning classifiers have appeared as a method to predict the continuation of fault in the software. The classifier is primary trained on software narration data and then used to predict fault. The proposed system in excess ofcome the problem of possibledeficiency in accuracy for realistic use and use of a huge number of features. This paper suggests a feature selection technique appropriate to classification-based fault prediction. This approach is applied to predict faults in software codes and concert of Naive Bayes and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifiers.